How it Works

Solar works in Michigan!

Solar Resource Contrary to popular belief, the sun shines more than enough in Michigan to make clean solar energy and save you money. Plus, on those clear cold winter days, your Sunventrix solar PV system can actually produce more electricity than on hot summer days since the solar panels like the colder weather! Also, did you know that Germany (see lower right purple area in graphic) leads the world in solar power generation, yet Michigan receives more sun than Germany!? Let us help maximize your Michigan residence or business for solar!

How does solar work?

solar works in michiganYour Sunventrix solar PV system quietly, safely and efficiently converts the power of sunlight into the power of electricity. During our beautiful clear sunny Michigan days, and even on some of our cloudier ones, your PV system can power up to 100% of your annual electrical needs first, and then feed the excess electricity into the grid when you have a surplus.

With Michigan's net metering program, you get credit for what you generate and you get credit for what you don't consume because of your solar PV system. When you need more electricity than the sun can provide or at night, you use reliable electricity from the grid like you've always done. Thus, depending on a solar PV system size, home customers can regularly power appliances, electronics, lighting, even some HVAC systems. Businesses can offset their electricity use or even provide 100% of their needs too.

Then, when these items aren't using so much electricity and you have a surplus, your Sunventrix solar PV system seamlessly sends the excess electricity back into the grid which will show as a credit on your electric bill the following month. If the grid goes down during bad weather, your solar PV system immediately shuts down to safely protect line workers repairing the electrical lines and then automatically restarts once power is restored. All of this works reliably and safely without any intervention on your part. In fact, except for the savings on your electric bill, you won't even know your Sunventrix solar PV system is there! Don't let another sunny day pass you by without harnessing the power of free sunshine!

Hire a Michigan Solar Panel Installer

Sunventrix sources Michigan and US components to help keep jobs here. If you are interested in hiring Sunventrix as your Michigan solar panel installer, get a free solar quote.