Solar Made Simple

What we do

Sunventrix specializes in professionally designing and integrating solar electric photovoltaic (PV) systems that are directly connected to the utility grid.  With these systems you get the most simple, convenient, reliable, and economical solar PV systems on the market today for homes or businesses. 

We install your system on the roof or a ground mounted structure.  The roof is an ideal location, since it turns unused space into clean energy generating space!  All we need is one or multiple roof surfaces that have unobstructed views of the East, SE, South, SW, or West and it can work.  But don’t worry if your roof is less than ideal or if you have some shade, the innovative solar PV technology we install works with these constraints and still produces good output.  Or, if you have some open land which is sunnier than your roof, we can install a ground mounted solar PV system too! 

Our process is three steps simple.


Step 1  – Perform free solar evaluation and quote.

We can quickly provide a preliminary site review, then meet with you to review your needs and budget, and then using the latest technology, provide a free, no-obligation solar evaluation of your site, initial system design, financial analysis, and quote.

Step 2 – Finalize system design and perform install.

We’ll finalize your solar PV system design, schedule the installation date, obtain permits, interact with inspectors and utility personnel, and complete all necessary paperwork for rebates and tax credits.  We’ll professionally install your system and set it up to show on your computer and smartphone and iPad®!*

Step 3  – Provide ongoing customer support and monitoring.Monitoring

We’ll provide ongoing customer support and monitoring.  We strive to exceed your expectations not only during the installation process but also afterward.  Our installations are warranted and the products we sell carry 5 to 25 year warranties.  Plus, each microinverter we sell has a 100% uptime guarantee!  If the product ever malfunctions, the manufacturer will reimburse registered customers 100% of the cost of any power lost for up to 30 days. Now that’s peace of mind!

For monitoring, every Sunventrix solar PV system includes 5 years of system monitoring so you can see how your system is performing right down to the performance of each module!  You can access this information from your computer, smartphone, or iPad®*. Please click here to see a demo of the Sunventrix system.  As part of our service, we’re also alerted if there is any issue with your system automatically so we can address things right away! Plus, Sunventrix can provide regular cleaning and maintenance services for your system for additional peace of mind!

*System monitoring requires broadband internet access at customer expense. Smartphone monitoring requires cell phone service also at customer expense.

Our systems are simple


The above graphic represents our Sunventrix Solar PV systems – solar module connected to microinverter connected to electrical service panel = energy and money and environment saved. That’s it!

Our simple systems do have:

  • High quality solar modules that capture sunlight and efficiently converts it to DC electrical energy
  • Flexible designs to distribute solar modules on separate roof faces (or even roof and ground) to work with shading, sun, or roof line constraints and open up solar to more people than ever before
  • Innovative microinverters that convert low voltage DC to AC right at each module for maximum power tracking per solar module for higher annual energy output
  • Low voltage DC wiring for greater safety by not running high voltage conductors on or in your house
  • High reliability of individual microinverters with no single point of failure like with string inverters
  • Strong, durable, racking systems that use waterproof flashings for residential applications
  • Innovative high tilt angle ballasted racking systems with no penetrations and low psf for flat commercial roofs
  • Aesthetically pleasing products that complement your residence or business
  • Designs that are easily installed on a roof or on a ground mount and perform well year round in all types of Michigan weather
  • Included high tech real time energy monitoring of your system’s performance

Our simple systems don’t have:

  • Complex battery backup with an expensive charge controller, load controller and many batteries that take up space and need to maintain, worry about leaking or off gassing, and need replacing 
  • An expensive string inverter that if it has a problem, takes your whole solar array down and you’re left with no energy output while waiting for a replacement
  • String arrays in series that can have lower annual output due to partial shading, leaf buildup, and of course around here, snow coverage on one or a few solar modules causing the whole array to reduce energy production
  • String arrays where if one solar module has a lower energy output problem, you don’t even know it, and like holiday string lights of old, reduces the production of the whole string 

Our solar PV packages

We are currently improving our solar PV packages.  Please check back soon!