Great solar incentives!

Time is right for solar!

Now's the time to save with solar in Michigan! We have sun, utility incentives from DTE and Consumer's Energy, tax credits and true net metering. Let Sunventrix professionally install your Sunventrix solar PV system and you’ll be on your way to generating clean 21st century energy and saving real money! Take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit on solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, net metering and great utility incentives!

Michigan Saves  Michigan Saves

Fantastic tax credits! SAVE 30%!

Your Sunventrix solar PV system is eligible for a 30% tax credit on the total purchase price. For example, on a typical residential 2.82kW system you would receive a dollar for dollar 30% tax credit on the total system price on your federal income tax. A business can install a 20 kW system and is eligible for the tax credit, Michigan investment tax credit, and section 179 deduction where you can 100% depreciate the solar PV system in the first year saving even more money (see your tax advisor for all tax eligibility). And it gets better…

You also get true net metering in the state of Michigan meaning that when your Sunventrix solar PV system is operating, this either slows your meter down or makes it spin backward, both of which you get electric rate credit for!  Clean energy and easy savings, that’s a Sunventrix solar PV system!

Solar is 21st century energy!

Tomorrow’s clean energy of the future is available today!  It doesn’t burn fossil fuels or contribute to greenhouse gas emissions; it simply and efficiently converts sunlight directly into electricity. There are no moving parts. It’s maintenance free.  It’s safe for you and your family.  It makes no noise during operation.  It simply uses the free energy hitting your roof or ground and turns it into usable clean energy day in and day out.  In fact, except for your electricity savings, you won’t even know your system is there!  Solar energy will be a major power source in the future, but you can get this amazing energy of the future working for you today!